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​Basic Facial

  • 1. Cleansing
  • 2. Deep Pore Cleansing
  • 3. Facial Massage
  • 4. Decolletage
  • 5. Vitamin C and Collager - CryoDerm Treatment
  • 6. Moisture Mask
  • 7. Arm Massage
  • 8. Hydration Finish


Basic Care

1) Benefits

- Moisturizes the skin

- Increases blood circulation

- Improves skin tone and texture

- Relaxes facial, arm, and shoulder muscles

2) Service includes following skin treatments

- Deep cleansing

- Hydration

- Exfoliation

- Mild extraction

- Facial massage and arm/neck/shoulder massage

- Penetration for the injection of vitamin C and collagen with machine

- Facial mask

Combination skin – this skin has both skin types – oily and dry.

Features : The area around forehead and nose (T zone) is oily type and the cheeks (U zone) is dry type, so skin tone does not look evenly. Regardless of the season, cheek is dry and T zone has large pores, gloss, acne, and skin rashes.

Cleansing methods : Select a cleanser depending on your make-up, but must need to pay close attention especially for T-zone area. U-zone is dry, so need to be cared with moisturizing after cleansing.

Basic care

  1. Care primarily with oily products. It is good to use separate products for each T and U zone, but apply cosmetics on the basis oily T zone. If you care your skin on the standard of U zone, then T zone will be oily. So organize your face with skin toner for oily skin and apply emulsion on your face.
  2. Supply moisture and oil to U zone. Using moisturizing essence, supply lacking moisture all over the face, and apply essence cream only to the U zone.

If the T zone area has too much sebum, then use essence that controls the sebum.


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